Estates and Facilities


Welcome to Estates and Facilities

Our mission is to ensure that the campus buildings, environment, and facilities reach the highest standard of design, sustainability, and presentation. This is to reflect the ambition of Queen Mary, enhance the student experience and promote QMUL as a world class academic institution.

Our main focus:

  • Preparing and helping to sustain the QMUL’s working and learning environments for students, staff and guests by ensuring security, cleanliness, a nursery service and logistical support, such as portering and mail room services, and the scheduling and management of teaching rooms
  • Providing a home for 2,300 QMUL students in halls of residence, encouraging a spirit of community and cooperation
  • Providing catering & hospitality to support the Queen Mary community in its work and social interaction, including The Nucleus, Mucci's and The Curve, and an events hospitality service
  • Outside the teaching timetable and during the summer vacation, attracting external use of the QMUL's facilities by organisations and individuals
  • Providing and developing professional services that enhance student well-being, enabling students to engage effectively with their academic progress and achievement, and prepare for their lives beyond Queen Mary
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