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Active Smoking

Do You Really Think Smoking is Cool? Other People Don't! Because...

- It gives you bad teeth and breath
- It affects your looks – in particular, skin, hair and nails
- It is an addiction, and a smoker is as much an addict as a drug addict
- It causes fatal lung cancer or coronary heart disease
- It shortens your life expectancy by about 16 years
- It has an adverse effect on the health of people around you (passive smokers

Here are some key facts provided by

• Half of all regular smokers will eventually be killed by their habit.
• Smoking kills six times more people in the UK than road traffic incidents, poisoning,   overdose, murder, manslaughter, suicide and HIV combined.
• About 500 million people alive today will eventually be killed by tobacco use.
• Everyday, approximately 80-100,000 young people around the world become   addicted to tobacco.
• Smoking causes up to 90% of all lung cancer cases.
• The average loss of life for all smokers whose deaths are attributable to tobacco is   about 16 years.
• Three out of every ten cancer deaths in the UK are caused by smoking.
• The risk of feline lymphoma is doubled for a cat that shares a home with a smoker.
• Smoking increases the risk of sexual impotence by around 50% for men in their 30s   and 40s.
• Tobacco production is thought to be responsible for one in eight of all trees felled   throughout the world.
• Tobacco advertising is used to recruit new smokers.

Get help now and quit smoking, the NHS Smokefree website has lots of tools to support those quitting – and outlines the range of support they can provide at: Many people are taking the decision to quit daily, and breaking this habit.

Familiarise yourself with the College Policy on a Smoke Free Environment.

Here are some useful materials for more information on the issue:

Smoking and Disease Fact Sheet

Smoking Statistics: Illness and Death

How Smoking Affects the Way You Look

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