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Common Requests

Below is a list of the most common requests received by the Helpdesk. Click on each item to expand the section to find out more information.

Email the helpdesk

Call us: 13 2580

You can also view the full A-Z list of requests. 

Report something that requires fixing, cleaning or moving

Phone or email the Estates Helpdesk to report any item that is broken, damaged or requires attention. Requests for cleaning services or porters should also be made through the Helpdesk. More information on Cleaning and Portering are available here: 

Request additional cleaning for an area

Phone or email the Estates Helpdesk to arrange for any cleaning services or to report an area that requires specific attention. Outside areas and flower beds are covered by our Grounds & Gardens team, while interior cleaning is covered by the Cleaning team (Domestic Services). For more information on specific services, please see the Domestic Services external link symbol webpage.

Book the porters to move large or heavy items

Phone or email the to arrange for porters to come and move any large or heavy items. Depending on demand, a few days notice is normally required. For more information, please see the Porterage external link symbol webpage.

Obtain building plans for your department

If you need copies of the plans for your building, or wish to check the space occupied by your department, then this is available through Web Central. Each department has a nominated user of this service. Please see the Space Management page for more detail.

Request more space for your department or section

If you or your section require more office or laboratory space, then this should be discussed with your Head of Department or School in the first instance. If this is agreed, then a Space Application Form (SPF) will need to be submitted. Please see the Space management page for more detail and to download the form(s).

Arrange for minor alterations, room decoration or building work

Small works are normally funded by individual departments and a Planning Consent Form (PCF) should be completed before any work is carried out. See the Starting a project page for more information and to download the form. It is very important that all building work, however minor, is coordinated through the Estates and Facilities so that all statutory requirements are fulfilled.

Get new external or internal signs for your department

QMUL is aiming to unify the external and internal signage. See the Starting a project page for more information on how to arrange for new signs.

Find information about the building and refurbishment works that are going on?

Information about the current projects is detailed on the Current projects page of this site. If you require further information, please contact the Projects Office (the contact details are on the Current projects page).

Dispose of old computer equipment

Contact the IT Services helpdesk at or extension 8888. They will check your equipment against the asset register and arrange for its collection.

This page provides quick access to some of the information on the Estates website. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please email your query to Your comments and feedback will help us improve the quality of information on this site

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